Asbestos duct tape

Asbestos duct tape

Clogged drain with radon

Clogged drain from washer, and condensation line.
Randon test 3x mitigation recommended level too.

Defective insulation covering

Defective refrigerant line covering

Double taps #1

Double tap # 1

Double taps #2

Electrical double taps #2

frozen OS shut-off

Non-frost proof sillcock

Leaky pipe


Cover photo shot

light cover

Exterior light with no cover – fire hazard

Maple flooring missing coating

Worn coating on finished maple flooring

melted siding

Melted vinyl siding

No drain stopper

No drain stopper with corrosion

Non UL rated wood stove

Non-UL approved wood burning stove

Open electric oct. box

Open octagon electric box

open ground #1

Open ground – not properly grounded (fire hazard)

open ground #2

Open ground – fire hazard

OS light poor insulation

Outside light – poorly installed

OS not weather tight

Exterior service outlet – not weather proof

pool with no fence

In-ground pool with no fencing

Poor dryer vent hook-up

Poor insulation of dryer vent

Previous burnt wire

Previous scorch wiring in attic

Roof OH sagging

Roof overhang sagging

Seal failure #1

Window seal failure on upper sash

Seal failure #2

Second seal failure on upper sash

where is my siding

Where is my siding?

Wood stored to close

Wood storage to close to house – can cause insect infestation





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